Glink has transformed from a community-based organization to Glink social enterprise. After more than 10 years of development, by putting “Community” at the center of all strategies, Glink is constantly creating new ways to better care of the community. From operating project activities to perfecting prestigious clinic chain, Glink chooses to take a journey that no one has ever taken with the desire to create unprecedented achievements.


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Glink Academy is the first online training platform for LGBTQ+ healthcare clinics

By digitizing management knowledge and project implementation experience, Glink Acadamy wishes to build pioneer community where the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ are understood not only by medical staff but also by society as a whole.

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Practical tailor-made training courses

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Experienced working professionals

Experienced professionals working directly with the community

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Free of charge, learn at your own pace

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Glink Academy is operated and developed by community experts with practical operating experience. We are fortunate to receive technical support from leading professors and scholars in the field of healthcare,

MrThanh, Le Minh
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MrAn, Nguyen Tuong
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Program Coordinator


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Does your business need to implement training programs for employees? Does your organizationwant to create new curriculums and materials with us?

We at Glink Academy are more than happy to work with you to scale up the impact.